Consulting Services
Etelint provides Consulting Solutions in the areas of - Internet Security, Telecom BSS Software Solutions & Internet Payment Systems.
  • Internet Security Domain

    Our Security Solutions provides complete end-to-end security solutions to its clients. The range of services extend from Risk Assessment, Penetration testing.
  • Telecom BSS Software Infrastructure

    Be it the telecom operator, or Internet ISP, or cable operator, in the present scenario the race is to provide maximum value proposition to the end customers. The race is to provide content on all kind of devices as per the needs of the end customer, the race is to provide location-based services.

    The challenge to operators is to provide and charge for the content linked or outside your network.

    There are new emerging Distribution Channels, new emerging Charging Patterns, and new Emerging Market Segments.

    We have done extensive work on Business Support Systems in the telecom & Internet area. We from Etelint provide the management consultancy on the Business case for launching new services, prototype settings, systems selection , pre-study, implementation, integration and support related issues.

    The range of solutions cover the whole gamut to charge for the content linked to the network, independent of network, mediation system, InterOperator accounting systems, fraud management, etc..
  • Internet Payment Systems

    In the New Digital world, new distribution patterns are emerging. Be it Digital Content or Physical content, the way people buy things, enjoy things are rapidly changing with a common underlying principal of ease of use, to have more quality time with family.