Managed Services

The value proposition for providing the managed services is:

  • 40-60% lower operational cost
  • 24 x 7 Operations
  • Same or better SLA’s as achieved in the local captive units
  • Availability of dedicated and competent manpower

The globe being a global village, the location of the Call Center has become irrelevant. Different organization have different objectives to diversify their operations like geographical diversity, manpower availability, 24 x 7 operations, lower operational cost. We help in achieving these objectives while meeting or exceeding the same quality SLAs as achieved by the local captive operational units.

Etelint focuses on provides the following managed services:

Call Center, Help Desk, Tech. support, Tele sales

We handle Customer Service, Help Desk, Technical Support. Please look at the industry window for the information about services provided to different industry verticals.

We also provide the Tele-research, Tele-sales, support
Claim Processing, Claim Adjudication

We handle claim processing, claim adjudication. For example the insurance sector has huge requirement of claims related jobs and need great number of manpower for doing the claim processing and claim adjudication related functions.

We also provide the services for any kind of back end process.
Network and Resource Management services

With more and more business partners being added onto the network, introduction of new technologies into the workspace, and prevention from increasing malicious attacks, managing security has become a 24 x 7 task.
Telecom Process Outsourcing

Telecom outsourcing offering provides the people intensive services, which can be easily outsourced by any company with the objective of doing the job at the defined level of acceptance at much lower cost.
HR Back Office Operations

Etelint provide services for backend HR functions.
Finance Back Office Operations

Etelint provide services for backend Finance back office operations.