Etelint, one of the leading IT & BPO services company to achieve quality standards, manages and administers your non-core yet vital business processes according to defined metrics, continuously improving the processes and creating value at each stage.

Data Solutions
Additional Data Services

Etelint provides the following additional Data Services.

Data Entry Services

Here are some of the data entry services that Indian companies provide:

  • Data entry from product catalogs to web based systems

  • Data Entry from hard/soft copy to any database format

  • Insurance Claims Entry

  • PDF Document Indexing

  • Online data capture services

  • Data entry from images

  • Online order entry and follow up

  • Creation of new databases and updates to existing databases for banks, airlines, government agencies, direct marketing services and service providers

  • Web based indexed document retrieval services, tools and support

  • Mailing lists

  • Data mining and warehousing

  • Data cleaning

  • Audio Transcriptions

  • Legal documents

  • Indexing of vouchers and documents

  • Hand written ballot/cards entry

  • Online completion of surveys and responses of customers for various companies, at call centers

  • E-Book and E-magazine publications on the Internet

  • Hospital records, patient notes and accident reports

  • Business card indexing

  • Custom data export/import interfaces with audits

  • Bonded mail handling, cash, credit and check processing

Data Cleaning

Outsourcing data cleansing can assure a valuable and accurately maintained database, which will save money and yield the business returns that you desire.

An accurate database is invaluable in today's competitive business environment. However, the information in a database changes over time and if you are not constantly updating it, you might be wasting time and resources on contact information that is outdated.

Outsourcing data cleansing to India allows you to avail of cost effective and high quality services. With our strengths in servicing a range of international clientele and successfully executing several data management projects, we ensure a hassle free outsourcing experience for our customers.

We take care of the entire process for you and offer a data cleansing service, which will revive your database. Our data cleansing service covers several steps, depending on the type of data.


Postal code sorts and verification - Ensure that data is compliant with the Canada Post, US Post, or applicable rules in our customers' native country, that pertain to postal/zip codes, correct spellings of street names (mandatory to secure bulk postage discounts), and updated based on National Change of Address data (available from postal authorities).

Genderization -
For data type such as honorifics we add or audit for gender specific consistency (For example: Mr. Andrew Lloyd Webber, not Miss Andrew Lloyd Webber).

Upper/Lower Case Conversion - We convert data to upper or lower case as required. We also take into account different language punctuation norms like the accent in French. We also pay attention to specifics like 'McDonald' or 'O'Reilly'.

Miscellaneous Services - Currency conversions, abbreviation expansion, data integrity audits (so fields that should contain numbers don't have text in them), de-duping and data appending based on other files (often a client supplied house file, master client list, product list, price list, etc)

Internet Publishing Services

Outsourcing back office processes and projects to India has received plenty of press. Companies are rushing to have there work done in India. First it was the economic slowdown that inspired companies to close departments and outsource their work to India. Now with the economy improved companies are saving money and also discovering that outsourcing allows for rapid expansion.

Publishing Services and Projects

  • PDF creation or conversion
  • E-Book development or formatting
  • Book to e-book conversion
  • e-book writing, editing, proofing
  • Download and tracking e-book software development
  • republishing website development
  • Web content management software development
  • Turnkey web publishing products
  • Multimedia book development
  • Book conversion from media to another media
  • Graphic design for online publishing
  • Custom development of epublishing solutions
  • e-Book security solutions
  • Content syndication solutions
  • XML conversion
  • Ezine development and management
  • Subscription management
  • Distribution of digital content
  • Print on demand solutions