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Data Solutions
Catalogue Conversion

With most businesses opting to cash in on the immense selling power of the Internet, the phenomenon of e-business and e-commerce calls for a host of new services.

We are now converting paper catalogs to the web, updating online catalogs and building web-based catalogs.

Target Segment:

Any company that sells products on the Internet can benefit from this service.

At Etelint, we offer quality catalog processing and conversion services. We also offer image correction and image manipulation services. These services range from image cropping to enhancement and retouching.

Catalog management, which involves handling and maintaining your paper catalogs is not just time consuming, but also expensive. By converting your product catalogs to online and digital catalogs, making changes and updating your product catalog becomes as easy as the click of a button.

Making your online catalog suitable for web publishing also ensures anytime, anywhere access. Online catalogs are also more easily searchable and help instant recovery.

Project Management

The training process is perhaps the most critical factor in ensuring continuity and business success for both parties. At Etelint, we ensure that our workforce is trained on product categories and catalog software for catalog updation.

Our workforce is trained on the requirements and unique features that differentiate each product from the other. One important differentiation is identifying which category the particular product falls under. Each product may have specific steps to be followed, which may not be repetitive thus increasing the criticality of training.

Our communication and information exchange facilities are designed to ensure no wastage of time while transferring information. We place a special emphasis on ensuring seamless communication with our customers.

Manufacturer or vendor catalogs are sent by courier to the client location. They may also be uploaded to the client FTP location for instant access.

Communication with the client is enabled through telephone or an instant messenger.

We have dedicated employees who will serve as ‘point of contacts’ within the organization to enable information exchange with the client.

At Etelint, we have unique quality assurance and control mechanisms. We are certified and have benchmarked processes, which guide our commitment to quality.

Our catalog conversion services ensure 99% quality levels.

Speed is perhaps the distinguishing factor at Etelint. We understand that speed is especially important in Catalog Data Processing, as the need to have electronic catalogs on the Internet is crucial in kick starting your online sales.

Along with speed, Etelint also ensures lower costs, faster turnaround time and outstanding quality.

In the Internet age, using the power of the web to leverage your product sales is critical. We at Etelint can help you find the perfect solution to your catalog conversion needs.