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Data Solutions
Data Digitization

Data Digitization is the process by which physical or manual records such as text, images, video, and audio are converted into digital forms. This is of paramount importance when projects need directions based on already established facilities and the implementing agency needs to find the scope for expansion.


Digitized data offers the following benefits

  • Long term preservation of documents

  • Orderly archiving of documents

  • Easy & customized access to information

  • Easy information dissemination through images, text,
    CD-ROMs, internet, intranets and extranets.

Digitization Steps

  • Identification of Client needs and the intended use of the digitized records.

  • Translating Client needs to digitizing objectives by means of requirement specifications, system analysis, and designing the system for the planned product.

  • A pilot application of technology for approval and testing is then developed. On its approval by the customer, a data source chart for the source material is developed. The source material may include printed forms, images, sounds and video. The printed format requires maximum processing, as other formats can be easily converted into digital form.

  • The documents are now printed so that their accuracy can be checked manually. These are scanned using special Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software and the historical documents are keyed in. The output is checked manually by proofreaders before being converted to the desired format (ASCII, HTML, PDF, MS-Word).

  • The images are scanned, old and faded images are recovered using advanced digital correction software. The sound and video data are captured through a data capturing software and hardware and converted into digital form; the quality of the digital version may be enhanced by filtering through editing software.

  • The digitized data are integrated into an easily accessible form by incorporating indexes and tables of contents. These are now authored on CD-ROMs or other suitable media depending on the intended use of the data.

  • Accuracy is achieved through a double keying system where every coding entry is made twice and automatically compared with proprietary software. Any discrepancy is rejected and the coding is done afresh for the rejected set of files.

Project Management

  1. Manufacturer or vendor documents are sent across by courier to client location or may also be uploaded to the client FTP location for instant access.

  2. Communication between both the data processing company and the partner is critical throughout the project and this is enabled through instant messenger, telephone etc. The partner also plays a unique role in ensuring this by dedicating point of contacts within the organization for this purpose to enable information exchange.


  • At Etelint, we follow structured, unique quality assurance and control mechanisms to ensure the same. We can add certified and benchmarked processes internally which guide our commitment to quality.

  • The digitized documents are checked to ensure 99% quality levels. This is achieved by the data processing company and is the minimum acceptance level by the client.