Etelint, one of the leading IT & BPO services company to achieve quality standards, manages and administers your non-core yet vital business processes according to defined metrics, continuously improving the processes and creating value at each stage.

Data Solutions
Data Mining & Analysis

We at Etelint handle the Data Mining and Analysis work. We have dedicated people trained in various domains and help undertake and complete the related assignment in variety of Industry verticals.

Here are some typical projects that can be outsourced:

  • Gathering data from websites and entering it into an excel spreadsheet.

  • Searching the web and creating lists of target websites and then collecting information from these sites.

  • Using software to extract meta data from websites.

  • Searching online newspapers for the latest pricing information.

  • Extracting and summarizing news stories from online news sources.

  • Gathering precise and updated information about competitors’ pricing.

  • Pooling market research data and blogs to find out what users are saying about their latest techno gadgets.

Our customers have discovered the new and exciting possibilities and potential for mining data online. We have gained a lot of expertise and expect to be able to meet their changing needs.

Data Types

If it is in English then we can definitely handle it. Some kinds of data extraction require software knowledge and since most of us have a technical background, this is a good fit for us. We are well equipped to handle manual data extraction too. Our employees have a lot of experience in the data extraction sector.

If your project is an unusual one and something that we have never done before, it may take some training before we can perfect the job. We believe that everyone today is on a learning curve; our project leaders and their teams are more than willing to gain knowledge of new technologies and methods.

Project Management

Depending on the nature of the project there will be certain steps undertaken to ensure that it is completed successfully. Every project, regardless of complexity, will go through a general process. The below is really just a simplification of the process flow.

  1. Project Manager with experience in data extraction will communicate with you to understand the nature of the work and your expectations.

  2. Pilot project is undertaken so that we can comprehend the nuances of your job and you get an idea of how we work.
  3. The parties agree to terms and the project starts

  4. Technical Project Manager understands the project, breaks it down and explains it to the rest of the team.

  5. The project gets underway and the team performs as per the defined SLAs.