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Data Solutions
Data Conversion

Data conversion is a necessity in this age of information as information is vital in any organization. For an organization to function effectively, data needs to be easily accessible.

The need for data conversion is at a peak now as there are several processes and challenges present in any enterprise: mergers, acquisitions and new technology developments. The accessibility, quality and diversity of information that a firm has at its disposal is becoming increasingly important to customers. Some of the reasons why data conversion is important are:

  • Sheer volume of information makes it difficult to manage

  • Multiple destinations

  • Multiple input formats

  • Inconsistent styles

  • Complexity of data

  • Use data conversion to prevent data loss

Most data is stored in the form of paper files or reports and accumulate over the years, resulting in data loss. It is a tedious process to find the necessary data when you need it and even to maintain the ever increasing flow. Converting paper files to the electronic format goes a long way in keeping information accessible.

Data Conversion Services

Here are some of the Data Conversion services offered by Etelint

  • Document Conversion

  • File Format Conversion

  • Book Conversion

  • XML Conversion

  • OCR

  • DTP

  • Internet Publishing

  • CAD Conversion

We also offer these services- .

  • Data Capture, which involves defining forms to the system, scanning the forms, and executing Forms Processing (FP) which recognizes forms and text on forms.

  • Data Validation, which provides for verification and correction of the data recognized by Forms Processing or for data entry when a form cannot be recognized.

  • Data Output, which produces files based on the input from the forms and writes these files in a format suitable for processing by other applications or legacy systems.

  • System Services, such as monitoring, indexing, printing, and security; and other service functions, such as document querying, batch, sort and code records.

Other data conversion services .

  • Document preparation Handwritten, Machine Print, Reader Response

  • Word Processing

  • Image Keying

  • Image Capturing

  • Catalog Conversion (to digital format)

  • COLD (Computer Output to Laser Disk / CD-ROM )

  • Document Management / Imaging

  • Document Warehousing

  • Document Retrieval

  • Document Workflow

  • Mail Processing Services

  • Web Server S

  • Scanning

  • Electronic Recognition: OCR (Optical Character Recognition) & ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition)

  • Bar Code

We work with multiple types of formats.

  • From paper document conversions to computer ready files for the Internet, Intranet and Extranet, CD-ROM and database

  • From audio tape to CD

  • From film to digital media

  • From blueprints, maps and diagrams to editable, retrievable, shareable data

  • From invoices and applications to intelligent systems from guarantee cards and contest forms to customer relationship management

  • From TIF files to paper documents From Paper Documents/scanned images to MS Word

  • From Scanned paper reports/images to Excel

  • From Image to xhtml

  • From Tiff to PDF

  • From Image cropping, enhancement using Photoshop and CS software
We can also use options such as scan and edit, searchable options through hidden text and various other formats