Etelint, one of the leading IT & BPO services company to achieve quality standards, manages and administers your non-core yet vital business processes according to defined metrics, continuously improving the processes and creating value at each stage.

Data Solutions
Data Processing

Etelint offers data, document and image processing services.

A few years ago, data processing was as simple as entering data into a computer. However, the digital revolution has changed this definition. The scope and range of processing has grown and will continue to grow.

We consider data, document and image processing to include extracting data off the Internet and entering it into an excel spreadsheet or editing and tagging digital photos and even online monitoring competitor pricing and much more. The range also includes more typical services like converting and processing printed documents, vectorized plans, maps and so on.

Equally diverse are the input-output media and software used in the processing. Since India has become a leader in providing these services to companies from around the globe, Indian companies are skilled in this diversity.

Projects and Services

  • Entering Product descriptions from hard copy catalogues to online client web based system.

  • Data Mining.

  • Entering foreign language directories into a database manually.

  • Image Conversion including cropping, resolution setting, clipping paths, color correction, image correction etc.

  • Categorizing comments then coding and converting them to XML from analysis.

  • Form Conversion from paper to electronic format.

  • Converting data from PDF files to excel.

  • Scanning paper documents and converting them to the electronic format.

  • Legal document preparation and organization.

  • Digitizing courthouse records and extracting property legal descriptions for title companies.

  • Redrawing from architectural or industrial paper drawings to CAD formats.

  • Vectorization to convert raster images of paintings web logos cartoons to vectors.

  • Form processing using OCR or by hand if necessary.

  • Data Extraction from a variety of sources with or without extraction software.

  • Photo touch up or removing the back ground from large volumes of photos.

  • Preparing, formatting and designing books and e-books for publications.