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Imaging Services

If you have an e business and are selling your products online, the first impression you create in the minds of your customers, is with the image of your product. You need to make sure that your product image conveys the best qualities of your product and make it attractive enough to appeal to your customers.

Your images need to suit the design of the catalog, and must be suitable for web hosting.

Image Restoration/ Processing Service

At Etelint, we offer image correction, digital image processing, image editing, photo scanning and photo manipulation services.

Our digital imaging services include-

  • Image Cropping:

    To make your image suitable for web hosting, you may need to trim the edges or crop the background.

  • Photo Enhancement:

    We can work with the lighting, resolution, backgrounds, shadows and colors. We can also clip paths and create channels etc.

  • Photo Retouching:

    Your images can be retouched to remove creases, black and white images can be converted to color and vice versa

  • Creating Backgrounds:

    Backgrounds can be created for desktops, greeting cards etc,

Project Capabilities

You get overnight turnaround - If you upload the images in the evening, you will receive your corrected images by the next morning. (depending on the complexity of the image)

All our designers are dedicated full-time employees, certified in Photoshop CS, KPT, Creative Suite 2 Premium, Eye Candy 3.01 and Chromatica.

We use Photoshop and Photoshop CS, Creative Suite 2 Premium with plug-ins like Eye Candy 3.01 Chromatica and KPT.

We work with the following formats - TIFF, JPEG, XML, PDF, Raw digital files etc.